What & Who are we?

Nutriri* is disrupting diet culture, ending weight stigma and reducing disordered eating as a not-for-profit!

Dear Diet Industry,

Enough is enough!

We see now that you profit from our unhappiness around food and our bodies.

We know that eating disorders cost the UK £15billion each year and that restrictive diet culture fuels many mental wellbeing issues.

Nutriri* is more than happy to be so effective at re-training mindsets, that we hope to run out of ‘customers’ as soon as possible!

We teach mindful eating and promote totally inclusive body positivity; a non-judgemental approach that meets members where they are – regardless of current and future weight intentions.  We have members who wish to find ease around body & food; members who aim to gain weight; members who want to lose weight.

ALL get to ditch the chaos around food that the diet industry has suspended us in!

We are so passionate about changing the negative diet industry that we asked Big Lottery and Lloyds Bank for help and set up as a mission lead business – with huge help from The SSE.

We’ve launched our first online course and for a short time this is FREE.

“Today I attended the group Nutriri workshop. I turned up full of self loathing and left a different person altogether! Ok so I’m right at the beginning of this process; not quite ready to say I love myself or my body, but certainly I have come away thinking that my body is ok and deserves some decent fuel. And why shouldn’t I enjoy it along the way! I have a huge amount to learn, I know that. I am now excited and looking forward to enjoying life and great food from now on!! Thanks so much Helen for a fantastic day xxx”

These workshops are also available as a one to one coach session – in person, on Skype or FaceTime.

Lots of love,

Helen James and every member of Nutriri*