I think you have what it takes to run a Nutriri* group and build a business of your own…

So you’re here, you’ve read a bit of the site and watched a few videos and maybe you’re thinking… ‘I can do this’ or ‘I wish i’d have thought of that’ or maybe even ‘I wish I had the confidence to do this’.  Grab a brew and read on… I’ll tell you why and how we’ve got this far in changing the diet industry and where YOU come in…

You see, around 2 years ago, after a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and hating my body – a light came on!  During yet another conversation about weight and feeling trapped by a media and society that champions thinness – I realised that ‘no-one’ seemed to be coming to change things anytime soon, and that maybe I could have a go myself.

So I started a weekly club, called it Nutriri* and really enjoyed designing it’s identity. That was the easy part.  Then came the mission, what did it need to ‘do’?  What ‘theory of change’ were we seeking to implement.

I started with the ‘pain point’ – Most people attending slimming clubs rarely find positive body acceptance, rarely find a long term normal eating pattern and rarely get to truly embrace their body type and be happy now.

In short – we keep ourselves in limbo; believing we won’t be happy until we are slimmer, fitter, musclier, more desirable, eating more healthily.  And it’s no wonder! when the industry runs and profits from us never quite feeling ‘enough’.

Now i’m not saying that diets don’t work, they do BUT only whilst we are on them. AND if you are entirely HAPPY with the status quo then I would suggest you stop reading about Nutriri* right here (so long… you are welcome back at any time though)

Clicking on the picture or here will link you to Beat Eating Disorders website and their PwC report on the economic impact of eating disorders in the UK – each year!

Eating disorders cost us £15 billion in the UK each year AND we also spend £500 million to STAND ON WEIGHING SCALES AT SLIMMING CLUBS.  Can you see the obvious link here?

The unsavoury truth is this (for me at least) My daughters had, up until 2 years ago, grown up with a mum who disliked her body enough to constantly diet, spend an eternity in the supermarket with anxiety about what to buy, endless hours and days meal planning and then the hours wasted cooking separate meals.  All the time believing that I absolutely was NOT passing my body dysmorphia onto them!!

I have never bought focus to their appearance; friends would often get aggy with me when they’d comment on prettiness; only to be met with ‘don’t tell them they’re pretty’ (and don’t get me started on strangers passing comment on appearance!!)

Anyway, enough about me… really.

Our own experience of body and food dissatisfaction is as individual as our fingerprint and that is where the control diets fall short.  These slimming only focused clubs keep us in judgement of others achievements and failures; constantly comparing others efforts to our own. (again, if you think this is okay and what works for you, please don’t hang around here to feel diet shamed)

At Nutriri* we engage and empower everyone to find their own theory of change through body positive coaching and nurturing (non-judgemental) peer support – regardless of size, gender and weight change intentions.

So, where do you come in?

You want to be a part of changing the diet industry for good.

You’ve read that we are a nonprofit yet have a plan for you to run a group and create a business (no previous business experience required)

You have direct experience of engaging with ‘dietland’ and are ready to learn how to change it with Nutriri*

You’re ready to click here to leave your details and ask a question to find out more…

Thank you so much for your support. Your donation will help Nutriri* change the diet industry as a not for profit. 
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