Because nutriri.org is built by you (or someone with loads of similarities) AND never wishes to stop developing from each person that finds us…

…this FAQ space is populated with the questions that you take the time to ask using the anonymous feedback link “tell us what you think“.

What is a social enterprise?

Social enterprises have a social impact mission at their core. Some operate ‘for profit’ and some as a ‘non-profit’ – we’ve played around with many terms, and like to use ‘beyond-profit’ – so a business set up to disrupt a major market that currently profits from keeping our self esteems depressed, and have it written into our companies house articles! We have a ‘mission lock’ an ‘asset lock’ and a ‘profit lock’.

What does the word nutriri mean?

Nutriri is latin for nurture! Obviously it’s the root word for nutrition (although we don’t tell groups of people what to eat or not to eat!)

Who is nutriri for?

E V E R Y B O D Y is the short and only answer! After all; we all have the right to body and food ease; we all wish to feel un-trapped by diet culture. We have members who are higher weight, lower weight, tall, short, m,f,t,nb; some are here for weight acceptance; some are here still on a weight loss quest; some have body ease but food chaos; some have food ease with body self stigma – we are 7.5+ billion kinds of normal after all.

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