Confidentiality, Consent and Care

All activities, group coaching and 1 to 1 sessions at Nutriri* are non-clinical and not a suitable replacement for specialist mental health support and/or medical care.

Your participation shows that you understand the nature of peer support group coaching.

These are our outline areas of coaching/study;-

  • Feeding Only Hunger / Stigma / Body Expectation
  • Choosing Desired Foods / 3 Principles Understanding
  • Eating Consciously / Present Moment Awareness
  • Choosing to Stop at Full / Judgement / Change don’t change
  • Tell Craving We’ll Eat Them Next Time / Self Compassion / Routine

We create our online working spaces in a digital environment who’s T&C’s you have accepted separately.

Your continued participation within these closed groups informs us that you are happy to be recorded during these sessions; these recordings will NOT be available outside of the closed group and are intended for reflective practice within the group. At completion of your cohorts course, the recordings will be deleted from the group and will no longer be available to the group.

You are free to withdraw from the group at any time, without giving reasons for doing so.

You agree to respect and actively support full confidentiality within your cohort.

You are responsible for your own conduct and the cohort expects to be a space of non-judgement, respect, empathy and equal focus amongst it’s participants.

If at any time you feel that these aims are not being met; that you have any additional needs requirements to let us know about or would like to offer feedback – you can do so in strictest confidence using the email

Our full site privacy, T&C’s etc can be found here…