Your BoPo isn’t my body positivity

It’s wearing a little thin isn’t it… some Body Positivity?

Lot’s of folk getting offended and letting everyone else know about it.

Previous thin-pushing profiteers jumping on the BoPo wagon in veiled attempts to re-brand themselves, as actually giving a crap about you.

Check your ego isn’t making you sound too righteous in your pursuit to effect change; a mantra I constantly visit (or is that my ego fooling me?!)

body positive stop dieting mindful eating

Your sense of self worth is at the mercy of share holders and their ever increasing wealth.

Our job, as a not for profit, is to help change responses to marketing campaigns that are designed to influence our ‘feel good’ spending power.  By retraining responses, we believe, the marketing campaigns will have to change WITH authenticity; maybe even impacting core mission led business aims (i.e. not just operate at our expense for profit for the few)

Think of how many other industries could be for good and not just for profit.

dear diet nutriri mindful eating body positive

Nutriri* is a social enterprise and has received some lottery funding to help grow a network of body positive clubs, teaching mindful eating and creating safe spaces to explore what body dis-morphia and disordered eating looks like, as a likely result of body shaming restriction diet clubs and a media obsessed, judgemental culture.

Thank you so much for your support. Your donation will help Nutriri* change the diet industry as a not for profit. 
Want to help change the diet industry 'for good'?