Each FIVE week LIVE course has a limited intake, to maintain the safe and nurturing space that is created for you.  The coaching space is tailored to the needs of the group whilst covering the programme we’ve created from our three years of research.

Our Curriculum – that we shape to each group


Feeding Hunger / Stigma / Body Expectation


Choosing Desired Foods / 3 Principles Understanding


Eating Consciously / Present Moment Awareness


Choosing to Stop at Full / Judgement / Change don’t change


Tell Craving We’ll Eat Them Next Time / Self Compassion / Routine

The LIVE coaching course is delivered online – we’ve been running offline coaching groups, workshops and one to one’s – as a not-for-profit social enterprise – for almost three years!  You can find some feedback on those here.

 “Today I attended the group Nutriri workshop. I turned up full of self loathing and left a different person altogether! Ok so I’m right at the beginning of this process; not quite ready to say I love myself or my body, but certainly I have come away thinking that my body is ok and deserves some decent fuel. And why shouldn’t I enjoy it along the way! I have a huge amount to learn, I know that. I am now excited and looking forward to enjoying life and great food from now on!! Thanks so much Helen for a fantastic day xxx“

“Helen after following Nutriri and reading your posts I decided to give conscious eating a go, I am one week in and feel great for the first time in a long time I feel in control over what I eat, not counting calories, not eating certain foods at certain times of the day feels refreshing, I don’t even intend to stand on the scales. From someone who has tried pretty much every diet going it feels great for once not to be on a diet and instead starting to change my attitude to food rather than another quick fix. Thanks” Claire F“

Our courses are taken by ALL bodies – regardless of intentions to change weight or not – in other words we have members who aim to gain weight, lose weight or simply lose the whole fear they’ve been carrying around weight change.

what will the LIVE course ‘look and feel like’?

  • An initial 1 to 1 via skype/facetime/zoom – to check the course is a good fit.
  • 5 weekly scheduled ‘closed group’ coaching calls (90 minutes – best to catch LIVE but a private recording will be available too)
  • Printables for you to access, print and keep to log insights and progress – to body love! Obvs!
  • Access to nutriri.org’s growing network of resources and ongoing support within our own community.
  • Completely bespoke coaching to fit YOU! Not a course written for the faceless masses… witness nurturing in a safe space that we create together.

There’s no commitment by signing up for the next launch dates, and we won’t be spammy with our emails.  Look forward to meeting you on the 5 Weeks to Body Love programme soon.

Best wishes,


£15bn from Eating Disorders – £500m spent standing on scales!