Welcome to Nutriri* – Dear Diet, enough is enough…

dear diet nutriri mindful eating body positive
dear diet nutriri mindful eating body positive

Yes!! you found us!

Welcome to Nutriri* – we are a non-profit non-diet body positive club – what a mouthful πŸ™‚

You’re probably here now because you’ve experienced (for too long) the misery of ‘dietland’ and disordered eating, just like us.

We are waking up, and we’ve begun rejecting what we thought was ‘the right thing to do’ to be happy with our own bodies and food choices.

Nutriri* empowers likeminded individuals to become #foodhappy and #bodypositive REGARDLESS of current shape or change intentions; in plain speak – we offer membership to a support group for fat, thin, young, old, male, female and everyBODY in between.

We champion the best bits from ‘old style’ slimming clubs – that’d be YOU and me.

We’ve removed the negative elements – restrictive / controlling rules that keep us stuck indefinitely.

In doing so, we’ve created an environment for everyone to flourish together whilst nurturing the individual.

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