Be part of the #bodypositive revolution…

We are so pleased to announce that Nutriri* is an education partner for the movie Embrace; a movie that is funding a body image PHSE education package into UK schools.

We are donating 10 licenses to schools and can let you know the dates/venues here.

If you represent a school (or body positive project/business) and would like to co-host a screening let us know.

Eating disorders cost the UK £15bn each year; slimming clubs have 2 million members paying £5 to stand on scales – that’s £500m yearly – we believe that these facts are TOO connected and seek to change conversations.

By being the UK’s first weekly body positive club – Nutriri* is changing the diet industry ‘for good’ – we are a social enterprise (a business that will make a profit but pledge to reinvest profits) helping more people #embrace.

Maybe you’d like to buy your own license and host a screening…go! go! go! or maybe your body positive business would like to be an education partner?

Check out the trailer below… and make contact soon x

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  1. I hope you received my email, please come back with any questions; getting this PHSE pack into schools is so important. Thanks for the contact – together we can change the conversation

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