Nutured self-accountawhat?!

At Nutriri* we believe we know how it feels to have spent years, or even decades, trying to do the right thing.  The onus has firmly been placed on us to sort out our eating habits and weight (whether that be under, over or fluctuating weight), our disordered eating patterns have firmly felt like ‘our problem’.

Although we might have sometimes looked outside of ourselves to ‘blame’ an environment, circumstance, another person or group of people – at the core of it all we’ve always known that ultimately nobody was coming to rescue us and that change could only come from within.

Heck… diet companies have made trillions out of us feeling trapped in these thought cycles of failing, guilt, motivation, triumph, failing, guilt, motivation, triumph…

And then came us, with our…

nurtured self accountability mindful eating training

we have, along with many others, finally acknowledged that it’s the myriad of restrictive diet techniques that actually keep us stuck on the myriad of restrictive diet techniques!

We teach mindful – intuitive – conscious eating (you get to pick what you call it – we really don’t mind) and we do so in a truly supportive environment that doesn’t require masses of self-motivation.
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