We’ve listened

Nutriri* has listened…

GOOD bits from slimming clubs = You being social, the support and shared focus.

NOT SO GOOD bits = control through food planning, restriction, scales and measuring.

We run weekly in person & online body positive groups.  We’ve designed a mindful eating workshop and offer 1 to 1 coaching in person or via Skype.

Come and find ease around food and your body – regardless of your shape and intention to gain, lose or remain the same.

Working together – whatever our body shape happens to be – is what will reduce weight stigma and disarm dietland!

We teach mindful eating and positive body acceptance whilst respecting individual choice to change weight or not!.

We’ve had some lottery funding to provide a compassionate support group and believe that support can be experienced – together – whether we are fat, thin, short, tall, young, old, male or female… you get the picture.